Facility Funding

This type of funding is ideal for regular traders, who require access to funds in order to purchase capital assets, that are going to be quickly resold at a margin but there is a cash flow timing requirement to execute these transactions.

Once the Facility Funding application has been approved, the business owner will be able to draw on the facility whenever business opportunities arise.

Charges only apply to the amount drawn and the balance of the facility amount remains available for future access.

Once off Funding

This option is well suited to sizable asset investments that are not immediately affordable to a business.

The finance terms are calculated on the value of the desired asset and the duration of repayment, making this solution suitable for businesses that want to split the cost of an asset into a more manageable repayment plan.

With a simple online application, limited document requirements and a fast turnaround time, this option offers a working capital solution that is much faster than traditional channels.

How It Works

Apply via our online form

An agent will contact you

Submit required documentation

Application takes 24 - 48 hours for confirmation

Application Requirements

Trading Period

More than 1 year in operation

Transactional History

More than 1 year in operation

Annual Turnover

Annual turnover of
R500 000 or more


Valid registration number required​

VAT Registered

Valid registration number required​

Apply Now

Direct Bank Connection

DBC allows you to instantly upload your bank statements, it is fast and very secure.

FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank are currently supported by this function.

It will enable the lender to process the application swiftly and efficiently, allowing them to get back to ASAP about your loan.

  • Yes! The connection with your bank is 100% secure.
  • Your bank will only reveal your transactional history.
  • This is a READ-ONLY connection and no transactions can be made.
  • We do not receive or store your login credentials. Bank level security protects your information.

Once you have completed your online application form, an agent will contact you regarding the documents required to complete your application.

If you agree, the agent will send you a secure link to DBC, where you will login with your bank username and password.

This will allow the lender to see your transactional history in order to efficiently evaluate your application.

The lender never receives or stores your login credentials and no transactions can be made.

When to choose short term finance

  • To expand and take advantage of new opportunities
  • To finance short-term or seasonal working capital requirements
  • To restructure debt and reduce funding costs
  • To access cash flow to address short-term business obstacles
  • To bridge the gap between customer orders and supplier payments
  • To access discounts for early settlement
  • To unlock cash flow tied up in a property transaction
  • To access cash against underlying security